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Irregular pronouns
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This public article was written by khaleesi, and last updated on 4 Mar 2015, 02:42.

8. Väri
High Elevjeti's predecessor, Elevjeti (sometimes called Old Elevjeti), had rather regular pronouns. Upon the Elevjeti's arrival in Sjanne, the language became more influenced by Northeastern languages, particularly South Hgar, Tlarak, and Aaghi. It began to diverge from the old rules and adopt some irregular conjugations for pronouns.

saI (m)dägsvarna-sav
I (f)velsedde-sev
saksewe (incl.)andseltsyk-sruve
satiwe (excl.)andkalva-nav
adhyou (m.s.)rehithi-két
ötyou (f.s.)ejanerme-két
jedyou (pl.)ghedajiddi-jiv

1Although the genitive for regular nouns is marked by a suffix on the possessor, for pronouns it is marked by a prefix on the possessed object.
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