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Tanaþekńabmi [TNB]
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Typology Progressing 975 words
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Registered by [Deactivated User] on 6 February 2019
Language type A priori
Species Human/humanoid
About Tanaþekńabmi Tanaþekńabmi is an agglutinative language with influences from whatever I learned in undergrad. It was created using the principles of Optimality Theory to define its phonology. Spoken by a people displaced by Sino-Tibetan peoples, specifically the language fossilised in the first standardised writing system for the people. The people group is located in northern Yunnan, with loanwords from Proto-Sino-Tibetan and Proto-Tai. One of the earliest attested writing systems, some of the diaspora later adopted Chinese characters. A civilisation similar to the Khmer, they placed an extreme emphasis on laws and regulations. Writing was also held as a necessity to know the sacred law. Being fairly isolated, the centralised state did not affect the surrounding tribes other than trade, and made subsequent Chinese expansion difficult. Earliest writings and archaeological evidence of a state started around 3000 BC. Tanaþekńabmi refers to the literary language of the classical period (2000 BC - 1000 BC) and the subsequent lingua franca until the collapse (200 BC) and eventual Sinicization reforms during the Tang dynasty (630 AD).
Sample of Tanaþekńabmi[view] 'Maja ça6aLeg1a Miki paGuv pa2un Juç13e.

The sun shines; it is characteristic of me that I exhale one breath.
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Latest vocabulary
batlußpaþpprsecond day
čëtlußpaþpprfirst day
źumamupprthirteenth month
Language family relationships
Language treeTanaþekńabmi
 ⤷ Proto-Tanaþekńabmi
  ⤷  Tanaþekńabmi
Nasal m     n ɲ ŋ
Plosive p b     t d c ɟ k g
Fricative ɸ β v θ ð   ç ʝ x ɣ
Lateral approximant       l ʎ  
Close i y u
Close-mid e ø  
Open a  
Below is the orthography for Tanaþekńabmi. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 TanaþekńabmiOrthography [edit]
✖ Unknown alphabetical order [change]
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    Typological information for Tanaþekńabmi

    Morphological typologyAgglutinative
    Number of nominal casesFour cases
    Primary word orderVOS
    Relative clause headGapped
    Past tense remoteness4 or more degrees of remoteness

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