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List of roots in Vrkhazhian
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Herein lists all of the verb roots of Vrkhazhian
This public article was written by Ahzoh, and last updated on 17 Apr 2016, 16:58.

[comments] √ʾ-ž-l (to missee)
√ʾ-ž-š (to burn [food])
√ʾ-k-n (to be green)
√ʾ-l-d (to guard [a settlement])
√ʾ-l-b (to expose, to humiliate)
√ʾ-l-s (to observe, to survey)
√ʾ-l-l (to see)
√ʾ-l-n (to glimpse)
√ʾ-l-š (to detect, to notice)
√ʾ-m-l (to watch [a performance], to view)
√ʾ-m-š (to cook)
√ʾ-ḡ-t (to sail)
√ʾ-p-ř (to be certain)
√ʾ-r-h (to go east)
√ʾ-š-h (to burn [intr.])
√ʾ-š-b (to combust, to be consumed by fire)
√ʾ-š-s (to incinerate, to scorch)
√ʾ-š-n (to smolder, to glow)
√ʾ-š-š (to melt)
√ʾ-š-č (to experience vicariously)
√ʾ-w-d (to be short; to shorten, to shrink [causative])
√ʾ-z-r (to focus, to concentrate)
√ʾ-ṉ-n (to go north)
√ḵ-ḵ-p (to impale, to gore)
√ḵ-ž-ṭ (to clump together)
√ḵ-ž-p (to miss)
√ḵ-ṭ-b (to smooth, to refine)
√ḵ-ṭ-s (to roll)
√ḵ-ṭ-ṭ (to make round)
√ḵ-m-ṭ (to knead [dough])
√ḵ-m-p (to wound [tr.])
√ḵ-p-b (to mince, to stab until there is nothing left)
√ḵ-p-n (to poke, to peck)
√ḵ-p-p (to stab)
√ḵ-p-š (to hook)
√ḵ-r-m (to be white)
√v-ḵ-ž (to be great, to be large, to be significant)
√h-ž-r (to mispurify)
√h-ž-q (to twist [an ankle], to twist to death)
√h-m-r (to be pure, to consecrate)
√h-m-q (to drill)
√h-r-b (to destroy by purification, to purge)
√h-r-s (to cleanse, to absolve)
√h-r-n (to clean)
√h-r-š (to purify)
√h-š-d (to double speak)
√h-q-b (to twist apart)
√h-q-l (to be yellow)
√h-q-š (to fasten or tighten [like or with screws])
√h-q-q (to twist [tr.])
√d-ʾ-l (to neglect)
√d-ḵ-k (to go south)
√d-d-ž (to rive)
√d-d-l (to burrow into, to perforate)
√d-d-n (to burden)
√d-s-ṟ (to do, to act)
√d-ž-b (to disperse, to scatter)
√d-ž-ž (to separate, to divide)
√d-ž-k (to split open, to fissure)
√d-ž-l (to cave under)
√d-ž-n (to crush)
√d-ž-š (to isolate oneself)
√d-l-b (to excavate, to dig around)
√d-l-l (to dig)
√d-l-n (to brush away [dirt])
√d-l-š (to carve out)
√d-m-ž (to quarantine)
√d-m-l (to doubt, to be uncertain)
√d-m-n (to sleep)
√d-n-b (to trample on)
√d-n-n (to be heavy)
√d-n-š (to drag one's heels, to trudge)
√ẕ-v-m (to bleed for a while)
√ẕ-ẕ-m (to bleed intensely)
√ẕ-ž-m (to bleed to death)
√ẕ-y-m (to be crimson)
√ẕ-g-g (to lament, to regret)
√ẕ-m-h (to bleed [intr.])
√ẕ-m-b (to gush [blood])
√ẕ-m-n (to bleed a little)
√ẕ-m-š (to bleed internally)
√b-d-h (to read)
√b-d-n (to skim)
√b-d-š (to infer, to read between the lines, to analyze)
√b-b-d (to research)
√b-b-l (to execute)
√b-ž-d (to misread)
√b-ž-l (to doom, to curse)
√b-y-r (to be grey)
√b-g-z (to be renowned, to be famous, to be celebrated, to be prominent)
√b-l-h (to punish)
√b-l-n (to admonish, to scold)
√b-l-š (to self-flagellate)
√b-m-d (to be wise)
√b-m-l (to flog)
√b-ḡ-t (to swim)
√b-r-m (to glorify)
√b-f-d (to oblige, to compel)
√b-š-d (to speak formally)
√b-q-s (to be superior, to be better)
√s-v-m (to be long-lived)
√s-v-n (to work; to hammer away [intensive])
√s-d-n (to be affectionate, to have a crush [on someone])
√s-d-š (to fall in love)
√s-ẕ-k (to complete, to finish)
√s-b-b (to kill; to commit suicide [reflexive])
√s-b-n (to kill [someone’s hopes, dreams, spirit])
√s-b-š (to commit suicide [literary])
√s-s-d (to idolize)
√s-s-b (to slaughter, to massacre; to decimate [intensive])
√s-s-l (to take, to grab, to seize, to get)
√s-s-m (to survive, to make a living)
√s-s-n (to operate, to do surgery)
√s-s-ḡ (to age rapidly)
√s-s-č (to react [of an atom])
√s-ž-d (to love obsessively, to be "yandere")
√s-ž-b (to accidentally kill [someone])
√s-ž-l (to accidentally take)
√s-ž-m (to live poorly)
√s-ž-n (to be overworked)
√s-ž-ḡ (to grow old)
√s-l-d (to love)
√s-l-b (to starve [tr.])
√s-l-l (to hold)
√s-l-š (to hold in, to repress)
√s-m-b (to be disorganized)
√s-m-b (to poison)
√s-m-l (to imprison, to limit)
√s-m-m (to live, to exist)
√s-m-ḡ (to ferment [intr.])
√s-m-š (to inhabit)
√s-m-č (to glue)
√s-n-b (to hold apart, to break up [a fight])
√s-n-k (to reach with arms outstretched)
√s-n-n (to accept [something] with both hands)
√s-n-š (to wear on the hands)
√s-ḡ-b (to decay, to rot [poetic])
√s-ḡ-l (to be old)
√s-ḡ-n (to mature, to grow into an adult)
√s-t-p (to try, to attempt)
√s-č-n (to append, to add)
√s-č-š (to fasten, to fix in place)
√s-č-č (to connect, to attach, to join)
√s-ḥ-k (to be brown)
√s-q-r (to teach [abstract])
√ž-ž-l (to repay)
√ž-ž-n (to judge, to decree, to convict)
√ž-l-l (to thank)
√ž-l-n (to acknowledge [someone], to give respect [to someone])
√ž-m-l (to be in debt, to owe [a favour])
√ž-m-n (to strategize)
√ž-n-k (to pick out [something])
√ž-n-n (to choose, to decide)
√ž-n-š (to reason, to think by logic)
√y-h-h (to be)
√y-h-r (to rain; to hail [intensive])
√y-ž-l (to distort)
√y-k-h (to go in, to enter)
√y-l-k (to happen, to occur, to take place)
√y-l-l (to shape, to mold, to form)
√y-m-l (to sculpt)
√y-m-ḡ (to vibrate)
√y-ḡ-b (to shake apart [tr.])
√y-ḡ-s (to quake, to shake [of earth])
√y-ḡ-k (to sift [tr.])
√y-ḡ-n (to shudder)
√y-ḡ-ḡ (to shake [tr.], to tremble)
√y-p-d (to die for a cause)
√k-ḵ-ṭ (to encircle, to surround, to enclose)
√k-s-ḡ (to begin, to start)
√k-ž-l (to praise, to applaud)
√k-ž-f (to receive [the wrong item])
√k-l-d (to position [a guard], to post)
√k-m-f (to barter)
√k-n-b (to help, to assist)
√k-j-m (to support)
√k-r-ž (to ponder, to consider)
√k-f-h (to exchange)
√k-f-b (to run out of stock)
√k-f-n (to put forward, to offer)
√k-f-š (to buy, to purchase)
√k-f-č (to sell)
√k-š-d (to orate, to preach, to address)
√k-š-m (to build [physical], to construct)
√k-t-p (to bite, to crunch; to clamp down [intensive])
√k-ḥ-l (to flatten [something])
√g-ž-l (to miss [seeing something], to overlook)
√g-ž-z (to loom)
√g-g-l (to search, to frisk, to comb)
√g-g-z (to be monumental)
√g-l-l (to look)
√g-l-š (to investigate)
√g-m-l (to stare, to linger at)
√g-m-z (to pioneer)
√g-z-b (to be notorious, to be infamous)
√g-z-n (to be acknowledged)
√g-z-š (to be reputable, to be credible, to be reliable)
√g-z-z (to be important, to be significant)
√l-ʾ-k (to be able to)
√l-d-d (to protect, to shield)
√l-d-b (to kill in defense [of self or someone])
√l-d-n (to save [someone])
√l-d-š (to close [oneself] off emotionally)
√l-ẕ-ẕ (to break, to strike, to hit)
√l-ẕ-b (to shatter, to splinter, to shiver, to fragment)
√l-ẕ-k (to break out, to break free)
√l-ẕ-n (to crack, to fracture [intr.])
√l-ẕ-š (to damage, to injure, to harm)
√l-ž-d (to protect poorly)
√l-ž-ẕ (to fracture [of a bone])
√l-ž-g (to spoil [of food], to displace)
√l-ž-ḥ (to lose one’s temper)
√l-g-b (to disfigure, to mar, to spoil)
√l-g-g (to change, to alter)
√l-g-n (to move [tr.], to go [reflexive], to advance [reflexive-causative])
√l-g-f (to transmute [objects])
√l-g-š (to substitute)
√l-l-d (to take a stand, to hold out [against an enemy], to hold back)
√l-l-ẕ (to smash, to ram)
√l-l-g (to transform, to metamorphose)
√l-l-ḥ (to brawl, to clash)
√l-m-d (to guard [an individual])
√l-m-ẕ (to buffet [of wind and waves])
√l-m-g (to adapt)
√l-m-ḥ (to battle)
√l-n-d (to learn [physical])
√l-ḥ-h (to fight, to oppose, to defy)
√l-ḥ-b (to purchase, to obtain with effort or suffering)
√l-ḥ-n (to argue, to debate)
√l-ḥ-š (to struggle internally)
√l-ḥ-č (to attack; to provoke [causative])
√m-ḵ-b (to be turquoise)
√m-ḵ-p (to be hollow)
√m-v-n (to engrave)
√m-v-t (to hike, to trek)
√m-v-ḥ (to civilize)
√m-b-n (to mark)
√m-ž-n (to make a writing mistake)
√m-ž-t (to get lost)
√m-ž-ḥ (to disorganize, to organize [with malicious intent])
√m-l-ḥ (to befriend, to become an ally)
√m-m-t (to run; to dash, to bolt [intensive])
√m-m-ḥ (to marry)
√m-n-b (to vandalize [with writing])
√m-n-b (to be fair, to be beautiful)
√m-n-n (to scribble, to scrawl)
√m-n-š (to write)
√m-ḡ-m (to nominalize)
√m-j-m (to offer [help, suggestion, etc.])
√m-š-b (to mobilize [of an army])
√m-t-b (to walk all over [someone], to treat [something] badly)
√m-t-k (to walk out, to desert, to abandon; to evacuate [causative])
√m-t-n (to progress [of abstract things]; to approach [intensive])
√m-t-š (to walk in [a building])
√m-t-t (to walk)
√m-z-l (to be tenacious)
√m-ḥ-b (to destroy by mixing)
√m-ḥ-n (to agree)
√m-ḥ-š (to amalgamate [of metal], to mix)
√m-ḥ-ḥ (to unify, to unite, to combine)
√n-v-b (to kiss [someone’s] ass)
√n-v-š (to own, to have [as property])
√n-b-b (to please, to gratify)
√n-b-š (to plead)
√n-ž-b (to displease, to fail to please)
√n-ž-š (to carry [a parasite, disease])
√n-k-š (to die)
√n-n-b (to appeal)
√n-n-š (to be sated, to be satisfied)
√n-š-y (to want, to desire)
√n-š-n (to bear, to carry, to bring)
√n-š-š (to have, to possess)
√ḡ-ž-m (to insult, to offend)
√ḡ-ž-t (to miss [something or an opportunity])
√ḡ-m-h (to name, to identify)
√ḡ-m-b (to discredit, to slander, to defame)
√ḡ-m-š (to describe, to define)
√ḡ-m-t (to drift, to wander)
√ḡ-ḡ-t (to charge through)
√ḡ-t-b (to vaporize [intr.], to evaporate)
√ḡ-t-n (to float)
√ḡ-t-š (to possess [someone])
√ḡ-t-t (to pass by [something], to elapse [of time], to pass [of time])
√ṗ-b-h (to hear; to rehearse [causative])
√ṗ-b-s (to listen attentively, to be engrossed)
√ṗ-b-n (to hear faintly)
√ṗ-b-š (to eavesdrop)
√ṗ-ž-b (to mishear, to hallucinate)
√ṗ-ž-š (to dismember)
√ṗ-m-b (to listen; to make listen, to announce [causative])
√ṗ-m-š (to betray)
√ṗ-š-b (to shred)
√ṗ-š-s (to cleave)
√ṗ-š-m (to rob, to steal)
√ṗ-š-n (to disagree)
√ṗ-š-š (to cut)
√p-d-d (to follow, to agree with [ideals, values])
√p-d-b (to sacrifice [an animal])
√p-d-n (to go along with [something], to humor [someone])
√p-d-š (to be narcissistic, to be self-serving)
√p-ž-d (to be misguided)
√p-ž-l (to give someone [a disease])
√p-l-b (to broadcast [seeds], to sow [seeds])
√p-l-l (to give)
√p-l-n (to lend)
√p-l-f (to give away)
√p-l-š (to allow, to permit)
√p-m-d (to be loyal)
√p-m-l (to cultivate)
√p-p-d (to devote)
√p-p-l (to endow, to grace, to bestow, to donate)
√p-q-ẕ (to rejoice, to be joyful)
√j-v-m (to coach [modern])
√j-ž-m (to inadvertently aid the enemy)
√j-m-b (to coddle, to spoil)
√j-m-n (to encourage)
√j-m-š (to inspire, to motivate)
√j-j-m (to dedicate)
√r-ž-h (to think [about])
√r-ž-b (to estimate, to assess)
√r-ž-ž (to overthink, to agonize [over something])
√r-ž-k (to innovate)
√r-ž-n (to do [something] incognitively, to do [something] absently, to do [something] inattentively)
√r-ž-š (to be of the opinion)
√r-m-ž (to meditate, to have thought out)
√r-r-ž (to perceive, to understand, to comprehend, to grasp)
√r-š-d (to sweat)
√f-d-d (to lead)
√f-d-k (to spearhead [a movement or attack])
√f-d-n (to persuade)
√f-d-š (to lead into a place)
√f-ž-d (to mislead, to trick, to betray, to lead astray)
√f-m-d (to rule)
√f-f-d (to order, to command, to control)
√š-v-m (to found, to construct [something] on a set of principles or grounds)
√š-d-h (to speak, to say)
√š-d-b (to stutter)
√š-d-k (to speak out)
√š-d-n (to whisper, to chatter)
√š-d-š (to report about)
√š-b-b (to migrate, to move en masse)
√š-b-š (to flood, to inundate)
√š-ž-d (to blasphemy, to get one's tongue cut off)
√š-ž-m (to brew, to impend)
√š-ž-f (to deflect, to refract [light])
√š-m-h (to create, to build [abstract], to form)
√š-m-d (to narrate, to tell)
√š-m-b (to expand)
√š-m-b (to invade [a nation])
√š-m-n (to repair [a building])
√š-m-f (to be parallel [to something])
√š-m-š (to build character, to train)
√š-m-ř (to know)
√š-f-h (to reflect, to cast back, to throw back)
√š-f-b (to take something and scatter it, to disperse [light])
√š-f-n (to mirror, to mimic, to copy, to replicate)
√š-f-š (to reflect, to contemplate)
√š-š-d (to shout, to yell; to scream [intensive])
√š-š-b (to sweep away, to carry along)
√š-š-m (to strengthen)
√š-š-f (to oppose, to defy, to challenge, to resist)
√w-d-h (to cover)
√w-d-b (to cover completely, to envelop, to blanket)
√w-d-s (to overwhelm)
√w-d-n (to hide, to conceal)
√w-d-š (to hold down, to press upon)
√w-d-č (to paint)
√w-ž-d (to suffocate, to drown, to kill by covering)
√w-m-d (to obviate)
√t-ʾ-l (to forget)
√t-ʾ-š (to unburn)
√t-h-r (to impurify, to corrupt)
√t-h-q (to untwist)
√t-d-l (to bury)
√t-d-n (to open up, to unburden oneself)
√t-b-d (to be unread)
√t-b-l (to spoil [someone])
√t-s-d (to no longer love, but now hate)
√t-s-b (to revive, to bring back to life)
√t-s-n (to give [something] with both hands)
√t-s-ḡ (to be young)
√t-s-č (to disconnect)
√t-ž–ś (to scrape [of skin, due to injury])
√t-ž-l (to unthank)
√t-ž-n (to be indecisive)
√t-y-l (to destroy)
√t-k-f (to take back, to withdraw)
√t-g-z (to be unimportant, to be insignificant)
√t-l-d (to besiege)
√t-l-ẕ (to fix, to repair)
√t-l-g (to revert, to reverse)
√t-l-ḥ (to make peace)
√t-m-n (to erase [something written])
√t-m-t (to backtrack, to retreat [of an army], to withdraw, to recede)
√t-m-ś (to scrape meat off bone, to deflesh, to carve)
√t-m-ḥ (to atomize [of people], to drift apart)
√t-n-b (to annoy, to irritate, to irk)
√t-n-š (to be in need of)
√t-ḡ-t (to come out [of something], to appear)
√t-ṗ-b (to ignore, to disregard)
√t-ṗ-š (to set free, to emancipate)
√t-p-d (to commit apostasy)
√t-p-l (to take [poetic])
√t-j-m (to make collapse, to discourage)
√t-r-ž (to misunderstand)
√t-f-d (to chase way, to scare off; to resign [reflexive])
√t-š-d (to be mute, to be quiet)
√t-š-m (to divorce)
√t-š-f (to unreflect)
√t-w-d (to uncover, to reveal)
√t-t-ś (to strip)
√t-z-l (to stunt, to retard)
√t-z-r (to tighten)
√t-ś-b (to scrape away)
√t-ś-n (to peel, to erode, to abrade, to wear away)
√t-ś-ś (to scrape)
√t-ḥ-v (to bid farewell)
√t-ḥ-s (to be untouched, to be unaffected)
√t-ḥ-l (to straighten)
√t-ḥ-f (to recombine)
√t-q-d (to vomit)
√t-q-s (to get up, to wake)
√t-q-n (to descend)
√t-ṉ-r (to drop)
√ṟ-v-m (to pursue, to hunt)
√ṟ-ž-m (to go down the wrong path)
√ṟ-m-m (to follow [a path, a goal])
√ṟ-m-n (to plan, to plan out, to plot)
√ṟ-m-š (to rear, to raise [a child])
√č-ʾ-l (to spy on)
√č-ʾ-š (to interrogate)
√č-ḵ-ṭ (to circle [in the air])
√č-ḵ-p (to stitch together, to throb)
√č-h-r (to bathe)
√č-d-ž (to divide into six)
√č-d-l (to dig frequently)
√č-d-n (to oppress)
√č-ẕ-m (to menstruate)
√č-b-d (to study, to learn [abstract])
√č-b-l (to be strict, to be harsh)
√č-s-b (to be a serial-killer)
√č-s-l (to restrict, to ban)
√č-s-m (to replenish, to renew, to revive)
√č-s-n (to be a laborer)
√č-ž-l (to be grateful, to be thankful)
√č-ž-n (to be free)
√č-k-f (to trade)
√č-g-l (to prospect, to inquire)
√č-l-ẕ (to beat; to batter, to pound)
√č-l-g (to be a chameleon)
√č-l-ḥ (to struggle)
√č-m-n (to scribble, to write for a living or as a hobby)
√č-m-t (to jog, to run around)
√č-m-ḥ (to socialize)
√č-n-b (to beg)
√č-n-š (to collect, to gather, to harvest [crops]; to amass, to accumulate [intensive])
√č-ḡ-t (to transport)
√č-ṗ-š (to shear, to prune)
√č-p-d (to worship)
√č-p-l (to deliver)
√č-j-m (to contribute)
√č-r-ž (to philosophize, to theorize, to have [someone] on one’s mind; to philosophize with a hammer [intensive])
√č-š-d (to be talkative)
√č-š-b (to drive [a herd])
√č-š-m (to be a builder)
√č-t-ś (to scrape repeatedly)
√č-ṟ-m (to be nomadic)
√č-z-r (to cross)
√č-ḥ-s (to grope, to feel around)
√č-q-d (to gnaw, to chew, to strip)
√č-q-s (to be lazy, to be sedentary)
√č-q-n (to mountaineer)
√č-ṉ-r (to do bodybuilding)
√z-ž-l (to grow [as weeds], to grow with a defect)
√z-ž-r (to dislocate, to stretch [a muscle])
√z-l-b (to grow sporadically)
√z-l-l (to grow [intr.])
√z-l-n (to take root, to become establish, to take hold)
√z-l-š (to become, to grow into)
√z-m-l (to farm, to cultivate)
√z-m-r (to journey, to travel)
√z-r-b (to tear, to rip apart, to rend)
√z-r-n (to be long)
√z-r-š (to be pregnant)
√z-w-l (to be red)
√z-z-l (to thrive)
√z-z-r (to stretch)
√z-q-d (to eat; to feed [causative]; to gorge [intensive])
√ř-k-k (to fall, to sink; to fell [causative]; to plunge [intensive])
√ř-k-n (to droop, to wilt [of plants])
√ř-k-č (to fall towards [a state of being])
√ř-m-k (to fall for a while)
√ř-ř-k (to plummet; to hurtle [causative])
√ḥ-v-v (to greet)
√ḥ-v-s (to salute)
√ḥ-v-š (to introduce)
√ḥ-s-b (to peel off)
√ḥ-s-s (to touch)
√ḥ-s-n (to graze)
√ḥ-s-š (to masturbate)
√ḥ-ž-v (to run into [something negative])
√ḥ-ž-s (to accidentally touch [something])
√ḥ-ž-l (to be misshapen, to be deformed)
√ḥ-ž-f (to molder, to rot [due to neglect and disuse])
√ḥ-l-b (to bow, to bend under pressure)
√ḥ-l-s (to prostrate)
√ḥ-l-k (to count, to turn)
√ḥ-l-l (to bend)
√ḥ-l-n (to be crooked)
√ḥ-l-š (to fold)
√ḥ-m-v (to pay respect)
√ḥ-m-s (to embrace)
√ḥ-m-l (to sit; to set [causative])
√ḥ-m-f (to decay, to rot)
√ḥ-f-b (to fall apart, to disintegrate)
√ḥ-f-s (to annihilate, to obliterate)
√ḥ-f-n (to be dusty, to be covered in powder)
√ḥ-f-f (to crumble, to deteriorate)
√ḥ-t-w (to go west)
√q-v-n (to ascend)
√q-d-b (to absorb, to devour)
√q-d-n (to nibble)
√q-d-š (to cannibalize)
√q-s-b (to be strewn all over the place)
√q-s-s (to lie [down]; to lay [causative])
√q-s-n (to relax)
√q-ž-d (to choke)
√q-ž-d (to be black)
√q-ž-s (to be paralyzed)
√q-ž-n (to place oneself in a bad situation)
√q-m-d (to digest)
√q-m-s (to rest, to stop)
√q-n-s (to leap, to jump)
√q-n-n (to climb)
√q-n-š (to climb in)
√q-w-n (to be blue)
√ṉ-m-r (to endure)
√ṉ-r-b (to defeat and surpass all rivals [in a competition])
√ṉ-r-s (to champion, to defend)
√ṉ-r-k (to throw)
√ṉ-r-r (to lift)
√ṉ-r-š (to be strong)
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