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ConWriMo 2021 #3
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Death and burial rites
This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 17 Feb 2021, 19:19.

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Easy (100 words*) Write an obituary or a death notice about a person who has just died. Medium (250 words*) Write a eulogy* about a recently deceased person. Alternatively, write a diary page as if it were written by a grieving person dealing with and coming to terms with the passing of someone they cherished or loved. * A eulogy is a speech or writing in praise of a person or persons or things, especially one who recently died or retired. Difficult (400 words*) Write an account of the burial of an important person. Alternatively, write a diary page as if it were written by a grieving person dealing with and coming to terms with the passing of someone they cherished or loved (same as previously but longer). Extra-difficult (variable) Compose an elegy or a lament, ie. a poem that expresses sadness about someone's death. Wild card (variable) Describe the burial rites of the speakers of your language. What is the most common type of burial (above ground, underground, cremation, etc.) and why? Is the body buried facing a certain direction (if so, why)? What is a typical funeral like? Is there a mourning period? Etc.

Kestriel is dead. The last of my clutch mates is dead. I'm the only one left. I watched him die. I watched Areda Breziel kill him. K was ready. I know that but it doesn't make it easier. I hate that he died a traitor. He died singing the song of the enemy. Free will. Do any of us have free will? Really? I suppose we must since Kestriel chose to die on Breziel's blade.

Kestriel iri a'mortem. Sebethki acharon aeani iri a'mortem. Ani iri sarid a'katyi. Ani ayin hu mortema. Ani ayin Areda Breziel haraga hu. K iri a'kunim. Ani bina zeh efes tibina paalal waw a'yatar. Ani sana semortem a'mipashael aehu. Hu mortema shirari seshir aemisharasiel. Ratson a'chinem. Anahu a'meuma yarasha ratson a'chinem? a'Emetumyi? Ani chashaba a'tiositsa anahu aedarasha ki Kestriel bachara mortemari u'selamedha aeBreziel.

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I'm thankful for my squad. They're all shaken and want to stay close to me. I'm not sure if it's because I'm comforting them or they're comforting me. I don't think I need to know which. Lunariel seems to be taking it hardest. I didn't think he knew K that well but there's something haunted in his eyes that wasn't there before. Siri doesn't seem to know what it is, either, which is troubling. What could trouble one so deeply that his fledge mate doesn't know?

Ani iri a'todatet ta'seleser aeani. Hem iri ragazari w'marusidae yesimiri ani. Ani iril a'shafatam im ani nachamari hem o hem nachamari ani. Ani chashabal ani nikebyona binari ashaer. Lunariel somia ragazari ba'yoter. Ani chashabal hu yada K a'ku efes ani raa hanyaesh a'kabadam penimi selayinim aehu. Iril sam a'da. Siri somial binari ashaer iri gam, ashaer silae ani. Ashaer ari ragazatsa akat kaen a'shelem serishki aehu binal?

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He loved to fly. It was his favorite part about hatching, teaching them to fly. When they started to fledge and stretch their wings, he got so excited. He tossed them in the air and caught them, encouraged them to flap those little wings. He taught them the ground steps for sky dancing. He insisted on dancing with me so they could watch us. I never flew so much as when the hatchlings were fledging. We danced so much I woke up with his feathers in my mouth. I wonder when it will feel right to dance without him.

Hu ahaba ufari. Iri sechal yoter ba'dod aehu sel rishuatari, torari hem ufari. Ashuq hem da kolari w'rabatsa sekanafim aehem, hu nirika a'shimelaka (busy). Hu nadada hem penimi fif w'shaba hem, tsarara hem parashari kanafuahim. Hu tora hem lomaalahim ta'tufadae. Hu ura ani ufadaeri kaen hem ari raari anahu. Ani ufa qulo nuti zeh efes ashuq rishuahim iri kolari. Anahu ufadae kaen ani axi im sekolim aehu penimi sepe aeani. Ani mofeta ashuq ani yenadibiri ufadaeri hu a'ayin.

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I'm tired. I think I'll sleep until someone forces me to wake up. Maybe my boys will let me sleep.

Ani iri a'naefalam. Ani chasaba ani zayina ad hanakat chayila ani axiri. a'Tiositsa serishuahim aeani halasima ani chabasa.

--From the personal journal of Aeser Sarael, NAAF, 8th Company, 7th Squad
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