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Lesson #2
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This public article was written by Katrasho, and last updated on 8 Jul 2018, 05:03.

[comments] [history] Welcome to my official guide to learning Katrashtani! Here, I will teach you how to read and speak my awesome language. :)

Lesson 2: Gender

Katrashtani has 3 genders, and each have their own ending. These are:

1) Masculine: pertains to the male gender or 'strong' nouns. Ends in any consonant except for ~n, ~s, and ~c.
Examples: kasur, man; catton, land

2) Feminine: pertains to the female gender or 'soft' nouns. Ends in ~a, ~s, or ~c.
Examples: kasura, woman; cagasa, water

3) Neuter: nouns that do not fit either category, or are unisex. Ends in ~n or~o.
Examples: kuico, child; dan, home

Note that this is in the Singular Nominative Case, and other cases end differently.
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