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Proto-Argeyazic Culture
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This public article was written by [Deactivated User] on 31 Mar 2017, 23:41.

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I was thinking that Proto-Argeyazic would be identified with a culture called the Teset culture (named after a Letzian or Algazi village). This map on the wiki has Proto-Argeyazic as being in that corner of Argeyaz Bay around 1000 BCE, so I'm going with that, but let me know if you guys have other ideas.

The Teset culture was pastoral and seminomadic, and was organized into clans (100-500 people) in turn divided into bands (5-30 people). Bands are headed by a father and consist of his wife, his children (including all adult sons and unmarried adult daughters) and their spouses, and his grandchildren. After the death of the father, the adult sons would divide the property and form their own bands. Some clans are headed by a patriarch, others by a council of band leaders; either way, the clan is centered on a semi-permanent village (moved every 5-10 years), often along the coast. The entire clan spends the wet season in the village together, then most bands disperse with their herds during the dry season, going to established seasonal camps. These are spread out over a wide area, overlapping with those of other clans (the area is around where several different climates converge, so in addition to feeding livestock, spreading out would also allow the clan to collect resources found in different areas, then redistribute them when they all got back together)

See this article I made a while ago
Major religious ceremonies would probably take place during the wet season when the whole clan was together in the village.

The Teset culture created lots of pottery (jars, pots, drinking vessels, beads). They probably did not have knowledge of metalworking, but used metal tools and weapons acquired by trading with neighbors. (I'm thinking Proto-Argeyazic will have a word for metal but none for specific kinds of metal) They didn't have wheels either; during seasonal migrations, supplies and possessions were carried on travois pulled by livestock. They also had very primitive boats (maybe like raft-level)

The semi-permanent villages would have structures made of mud, brick, and a bit of stone, probably clustered into compounds by band. Cloth or hide tents would be used during seasonal migrations, but seasonal camps might often have one or two mud structures.

The Teset culture raised sheep and goats as their main livelihood. They also practiced horticulture (not agriculture), raising corn, wheat, legumes, grapes, and whatever other non-tree fruit. Coastal groups also would have fished.
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