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Dirma [DII]
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Registered by Backyard Faerie on 13 February 2018
Language type A priori
Place & SpeakersDirma is spoken by a population of 53,296,407 in Dírmala.
Species Human/humanoid
About Dirma
DII-SPK is an estimation of native Dírmen speech in the capital, Báil na Dhír. Standard Dírma (this page) is still the orthography used, as a result it is somewhat inaccurate for native speakers since it is based on a slightly older variant but learners still use this version since it is officially supported.
The language of the Dírmen, the group that controlled Kunaratyyra as well as many other countries at the height of its power as one of the Great Empires of yore but as all the empires did, the Dírmen empire succumbed to the ravages of time leaving modern Dírmala wishing for the good old days.
Sample of Dirma[view] Bím chuga sar.

I'm interested in this.
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Latest vocabulary
meátnuntranslatable unit of weight
Sound samples in Dirma
Some sound samples of Dirma. Maximum of 6 shown. Click the links to see the full texts.
Bím chuga sar.
I'm interested in this.
Aer bhis ma bhrága neá-dhél na fhuil?
What is life's greatest illusion?
Mún, gas humadat ma ghaul iapa gás!
Well, you better let the poor guy out!
Ís dá dui!
You are an idiot!
Bis ma bháir cechéd!
It is even funnier a second time!
Bénim aún fai ḟiscin.
I wish there was something we could do about it.
Language family relationships
Language treeIgletic
 ⤷ Proto-Igletic
  ⤷ Proto-Dalsami
   ⤷ Insular Dalsami
    ⤷ Old Dalsami
     ⤷ High Dalsami
      ⤷ Middle Dalsami
       ⤷  Dirma
[view] About IgleticThe original starting point for all languages in the continent of Igleis, basically my conworld's equivalent of PIE.
[view] Fislíma (Fiish)The dialect of the southeasternmost island of Dírmala, influenced by the creole formed between Dírma and Asílma. Said to be the strongest accent in Dírmala, it is mutually intelligible though some find it impossible to comprehend.
[view] Fyþis (Futhis)Originally a pidgin, Fyþis eventually developed into a creole, much like the Aslíma creole. Fyþis is now considered a dialect though many view it as its own separate language due to its differences from both Dírma and Fyþan being substantial enough to qualify. Fyþis is spoken by the Mec living in Dírmala, especially in cities and is used as a form of communication between them, Fyþir Mec vary from finding Fyþis to be a thick accent to not understanding it at all.
[view] Glíma (Glima)The dialect spoken by the Glí, the people living on the island of Glí. Due to constant contact and trading, this dialect is mutually intelligible with standard Dírma and most changes are minor phonological differences.
[view] Panama (Panish)The dialect of Dírma spoken in Pan, the major island of West Dírmala.
[view] Dírma Ráig (Spoken Dírma)Not technically a dialect, standard Dírma is not an accurate reflection of how the native speakers would actually communicate. Even beyond different dialects such as in Pan and Fís, even in Dír the native speech has changed over time and while this dialect doesn't exist in the conworld per se, it is to have a more accurate representation of what the Dírmen would actually sound like. Due to it not being written the ortho is an approximation, see standard Dírma for the actual orthography used.
Nasal m mʲ         ɲ   ŋ      
Plosive p [p̚]1 pʲ b bʲ     t̪ t̪̚ d̪ d̪̚ d̪ʲ     c cʲ   k g gʲ   ʔ  
Fricative   f fʲ v vʲ [θ̠]2 [ð̠]3 s ʃ ʃʲ   ç [ʝ]4 ʝʲ   ɣ χ ʁʲ5 h  
Affricate       (t͡s) [t͡ʃ]6 t͡ʃʲ [t͡ɕ]7 [t͡ɕʲ]8 [d͡ʑ]9 [d͡ʑʲ]10           t͡ɬ d͡ɮ
Lateral approximant                     [ɫ̪]11
Approximant             j w        
Flap       ɾ                
Blends ɣaw12 ɣa13 ʔn ja14 [jɑ]15 wi
no ji: tlˡ16 dlˡ17
  1. allophone of /p/
  2. Final syllabic position but mid-clause variant, allophone of /t̪/
  3. See [θ̠], voiced equivalent of [θ̠], allophone of /d̪/
  4. allophone of /ɣ/
  5. Some dialects drop palatalisation when initial /g/ is mutated, others use /ʁʲ/
  6. Alt realisation, mostly in initial position of a word, allophone of /t̪/
  7. Occasional realisation, allophone of /t͡ʃ/
  8. Occasional realisation, allophone of /t͡ʃʲ/
  9. allophone of /d̪/
  10. allophone of /d̪ʲ/
  11. Rare realisation in Glíma dialect, allophone of /l̪/
  12. bh is /v/->/w/, phonological change only
  13. Palatalisation doesn't happen due to /ɣ/
  14. Usually initial position only
  15. Usually initial position only, allophone of /ja/
  16. Usually final syllable
  17. Usually final syllable
Close i:       u:
Near-close   ɪ   ʊ  
Close-mid e: [ø]1   [ɘ]2   o: õ
Mid     ə3    
Open-mid ɛ [ɛˑ]4       [ʌ]5 ɔ ɔ̃
Near-open     [ɐ]6    
Open a ã       [ɑ]7 ɑ: [ɒ:]8
Polyphthongs ɐe [əi]9 [aɪ]10
  1. allophone of /w/
  2. allophone of /ə/
  3. Unstressed vowels become schwa, usually <a>
  4. allophone of /ɛ/
  5. allophone of /ɐe/
  6. allophone of /a/
  7. allophone of /a/
  8. allophone of /ɑ:/
  9. allophone of /i:/
  10. Usually a schwa, verb conjugation mostly, allophone of /ə/
Below is the orthography for Dirma. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
SH sh/s/Tt/t̪/Uu/ʊ/Úú/u:/Ȧȧ/jʌ/Ḃḃ/v/Ċċ/χ/Ḋḋ/j/Ėė/hɛ/Ḟḟ/w/
✔ Shown in correct order
  1. Mutated <s>, not <sh>
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Typological information for Dirma

Animacy distinctionsNone
Coarticulation / Consonant seriesPalatalised/ (labio)velar
Number of pronominal casesFive cases
Primary word orderVSO

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