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Edievian-Aligian Creole [EAC]
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Edievian-Aligian Creole
Doda Etaebo
[do̞da e̞tae̞bo̞]*
Registered by argyle on 5 February 2016
Language type Creole
Species Human/humanoid
About Edievian-Aligian Creole A pidgin-turned-creole based on  Edievian and  Aligian, spoken by a minority in southern Edievia.

EAC is SVO and partially isolating, partially fusional. Adjectives follow nouns, possessors follow the possessed, and postpositions are used. Verbs conjugate for tense (past, present, future), mood (indicative or subjunctive), and polarity (affirmative or negative). Syllable structure is strictly (C)V. Stress is contrastive and generally stems from Edievian derivations being adapted into the rigid CV syllable structure.

The language suffers from very recent official recognition, a dwindling speaking population (most speakers opt for Edievian, while a minority learn Aligian), and a spoken variant that is increasingly divergent from the written standard.
Sample of Edievian-Aligian Creole[view] Keno asolese voá se keno ruzese selela.

She falls when she drinks wine.
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Latest vocabulary
Sound samples in Edievian-Aligian Creole
Some sound samples of Edievian-Aligian Creole. Maximum of 6 shown. Click the links to see the full texts.
Keno asolese voá se keno ruzese selela.
She falls when she drinks wine.
Abofe-re atemo, ya ekurú ne to elopese, keno enobeka to e ya melepaka to.
Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.
Vi sukolesi luma.
I don't see the tree.
Language family relationships
Language treeSoscarian-Colian
 ⤷ Proto-Soscarian-Colian
  ⤷ Proto-Colian
   ⤷  Colian
    ⤷ West Colian
     ⤷ Mainland
      ⤷  Edievian
       ⤷  Edievian-Aligian Creole
[view] About Soscarian-ColianThe Soscarian-Colian family is named for its two constituent surviving language families, the Soscarian family and Colian family. The family exists in an alternate history of Earth in eastern Europe, and on the planet Sahar in southern Miraria. Proto...
Nasal m   n      
Plosive p b   t d     k g
Fricative   f v s z      
Lateral approximant     l      
Approximant       j w  
Flap     ɾ      
Close i u
Open a  
Below is the orthography for Edievian-Aligian Creole. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 Edievian-Aligian CreoleOrthography
✖ Unknown alphabetical order
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