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Lesson #1
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The alphabet
This public article was written by theotheo, and last updated on 31 Jul 2018, 23:31.

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(l)lle/l/ ~ /ɫ/
(l')l'q'us le/ʎ/
(n)nen/n/ ~ /ŋ/
(n')n'q'us en/ɲ/
(g)gga/g/ or /ʝ/
(g')g'q'us ga/ʝ/
(d')d'q'us de/ɟ/
(a)aa/ɑ/ ~ /ɐ/
(c)cche/k/ or /ç/
(c')c'q'us che/ç/
(o)oo/o/ ~ /ɔ/
(ò)öö/œ/ ~ /ø/
(z')z'q'us ze/ʑ/
(ž)žlez ze/ʐ/
(s')s'q'us sa/ɕ/
(š)šlez sa/ʂ/
(e)ee/e/ ~ /ə/
(r)rra/r/ or /ɾ/
(u)uu/u/ ~ /ʊ/
(ü)üü/y/ ~ /ʏ/
(t')t'q'us ta/c/
(q')q'q'us qà/t͡ɕ/
(h)hhanasilent or /ʔ/
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