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Lesson #2
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Greeting and self introduction.
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(žal) (bus), (anum) (isn) (gva).
žal bus, anum isn gva.
Hello. What's your name?

This lesson deals with basic conversation topics such as saying hello and goodbye and asking people how they are feeling.


(esma): (is) (mayna), (ese) (ov) (isg) (gvi).
esma: is mayna, ese ov isg gvi.
(trischi): (žal) (maynatz). (ese) (ov) (mag) (veg), (esšuv), (is) (n'oh).
trischi: žal maynatz. ese ov mag veg, esšuv, is n'oh.
(esma): (eve) (ov) (am) (veg), (šuv) (is). (ag) (esma). (anum) (isn) (gva).
esma: jagar ov am veg, šuv is. ag esma. anum isn gva.
(trischi): (anum) (man) (trischi).
trischi: anum man trischi.
(esma): (deste) (maz).
esma: deste maz.
(trischi): (deste) (maz) (am).
trischi: deste maz am.
(esma): (tsästriving).
esma: tsästriving.
(trischi): (tsästriving).
trischi: tsästriving.


  1. (is) (mayna). (žal bus.)
    /is maɪ̯na/
    Hello. (literally: you safe)
  2. (ese) (ov) (isg) (gvi). (jagar ov isg gvi.)
    /esə of isk gvi:/
    How are you? (literally: how it goes to you)
  3. (ese) (ov) (mag) (veg), (šuv) (is), (is) (n'oh). (ese ov mag veg, esšuv, is n'oh.)
    /esə of mɑk vek ʂuf is is ɳo:/
    I am fine. Thank you. And you? (literally: It goes well to me, thank you, you yes/no?)
  4. (ese) (ov) (am) (veg) (ese ov am veg)
    /esə of ɑm vek/
    I am also fine. (literally: It goes well also) *mag (to me) is omitted
  5. (ag) (esma). (ag esma.)

  6. /ɑk esmɑ/
    I am Esma. (literally: I Esma)

  7. (anum) (isn) (gva). (anum isn gva.)

  8. /ɐˈnum isn̩ gvɑ/
    What is your name?

  9. (anum) (man) (trischi). (anum man trischi.)

  10. /ɐˈnum mɑn ˈtɾiki/
    My name is Trichi. (literally: my name Trichi)

  11. (deste) (maz). (dest maz.)

  12. /destə mɑs/
    Nice to meet you. (literally: makes me happy)

  13. (tsästriving). (tsästriving.)

  14. /t͡sæstɾivɪŋk/
    See you again. (literally: to again-meeting)

[top]Other useful phrases

  1. (ragvotg) (buse). (ragvotg buse)

  2. /ˈrɑgvɔtk ˈbusə/
    Good morning.

  3. (rag) (buse). (rag buse.)

  4. /rɑk ˈbusə/
    Good day.

  5. (evecg) (buse). (DKZ>evecg buse.)

  6. /əˈvek busə/
    Good evening.

  7. (zon) (scur) (zon scur.)

  8. /zon skur/
    See you soon. (literally: until soon)

  9. (gretel) (is) (ass) (gvag). (gretel ass gvag.)

  10. /gɾetəɫ is ɐs gvɑk/
    where do you come from?

  11. (gret) (ag) (ass) (ran). (gret ag ass ran.)

  12. /gɾet ɑk ɐs rɑn/
    I come from Ran.

  13. (is) (gvi) (tarc). (is gvi tarc.)

  14. /is gvi tɑrk/
    How old are you?

  15. (cav) (ag) (tarz) (trides) (cav ag tarz trides)

  16. /cɑf ɑk tɑrs tɾidəs/
    I am 30 years old. (literally: I have 30 years)
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