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Idioms and proverbs
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This article is a list of idioms and proverbs, it will be gradually completed.
This public article was written by Victorinox, and last updated on 7 Jan 2021, 00:25.

3. Retenia
て ガンば かすらウ
Te jayba kasurá
[te ˈʒai̯.bɐ kɐsɯˈɾa]
ACCAccusative (case)
TRANS direct object; patient
dolphin shave(INFInfinitive (TAM)
non-tensed verb
"To shave the dolphin" = to be useless.
Te jayba kasuras. = He is useless.
Purame te jayba kasuram. = I don't do anything all day.
Te jayba kasurashti shî. = you are doing something useless.

て かす くすウ あだウ
Te kasu kusú adá
[te ˈkasɯ kʉ̆ˈsu ɐˈda]
ACCAccusative (case)
TRANS direct object; patient
horse 3GENThird person genitive (possessive)
his, her, its, their
eat(INFInfinitive (TAM)
non-tensed verb
"To eat his own horse" = to do something that may have bad consequences for ourselves .
Te kasu kutá adat = Beware, you may regret it.

ぢ ぱねエテン のマウ
Di pantsey noyá
[dɪ pɐnˈt͡sɛi̯ noˈja]
LOCLocative (case)
'in, on, at' etc
swamp swim(INFInfinitive (TAM)
non-tensed verb
"To swim in the swamp" = to have problems / difficulties.

ギ ど ざまねエの ば ナタつ らアてウぬ あイさ チイ さオたてエ, ぬセ ナタつ らアてウぬ あイさ シイ!
Ji do zamanno ba fatsatu rāténu âsa tsî sawtat, nushe fatsatu rāténu âsa shî!
"If you say at someone that he/she is a fucking garbage mouth, then you are a fucking garbage mouth!" - slang
> to put one's own house in order first, to clean up one's own backyard first (before criticising other people)

せウねめエも ば せば らウンガン せ
Sénemmo ba seba ráyjay se
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