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Lesson #1 (Alphabet)
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13. Word Order ? ?
Menu 1. Examples hfer a = ah, as in Top /a/
A = ae/ay, as in way /ei/
b = b (b)
k = K (k)
J = sh, as in Shoot (ʃ)
d = D (d)
e = eh, as in deck (e̞)
i = i, as in teeth (i)
F = F (f)
g = G, as in go (g)
j = J The French j sound (ʒ)
l = L (l)
m = M (m)
n = N (n)
o = o The Spanish oh sound (o)
u = u The Spanish u sound (u)
P = p (p)
r = r, like the English er/uh sound (ɜ). If this letter is at the begining of a word, it's pronounced like the r in French /ʁ/ (AKA a gargling sound in the back of the throat). If followed by other vowels, it is ussually pronouced like a tap like the r in Spanish or Japanese /ɾ/.
s = S, as in Sauce (s)
z = Z, as in Zoo (z)
t = T (t̪) Note: if a T is at the end of a word, do a glottal stop (ʔ)
v = V (v) a if v is written at the end of a word, this Finishing letter is used instead, V
x = Gz Like the x/ks sound but voiced (gz)

You can practice writing the characters on paper.

[edit] [top]Examples hfer

Note: Arusian is written right to left, in case that confused you.
hmed = de̞m English Definition: Language n.
hcet = te̞k English Definition: School/Study n.
hsArg = greis English Definition: Big/Great adj.
hzem = me̞z English Definition: House/Home n.
hanF = fna English Definition: Land/Country n.
hus = su English Definition: it/he/she p.
hul = lu English Definition: I/me p.
hfat = taf English Definition: Bridge n.
hsur = ʁus English Definition: rare adj.
hara = aɾa English Definition: atmosphere n.

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