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This public article was written by fractalshadow, and last updated on 5 Apr 2020, 14:51.

5. affixes
18. Fossils
27. Names
28. Negation
32. Plurals
35. Polysemes
36. Pronouns
39. religion
41. scripts
48. updates
49. Verbs 1
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This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.


This is a list of words with many different meanings arranged for easy reference. Polysemes are not the same as homophones:

polyseme: a word with multiple meanings, usually related by contiguity of meaning within a semantic field.
homophones: two different words that are coincidentally pronounced the same.

In Nolwynn, many polysemes come about because of religious ideas or metaphorical association.


zalteey - to do, make, work the way it should, be operational, or create

feyra - star, planet [archaic], luck

tum - land, hell, desert, maze

ora - image, reflection, likeness, twig, tree branch, fire [poetic, archaic], arm [typically only used in the context of the story mood to refer to the goddess's appendages in a metaphorical sense]. This word has so many disparate meanings because it came to be used to refer to the goddess. Tree branches were said to be like her arms, which was then extrapolated to mean an image or likeness of the goddess, and from there, the destructive power of fire was also said to be an image of the goddess as well. Derivatives of ora include: orika [contains the ika, the nature affix, and means "tree"], kora [contains ko, the method affix, and means "fire"], and orala [contains la/lu, an archaic non-productive affix that once meant spread out, and means something like "compersion"]. Modern Nolwynn don't usually notice the history of these words and how they are connected to the original root. Ora is itself derived from or [life force, life energy].

kxalina/kxarina coral; flower. Sometimes tukxalina (with an affix that means land or danger) is used to mean flower, but it has connotations of stinkiness, allergies, and other negative things.


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