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Gerunds: Nouns ending in -я
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How to use them in different cases
This public article was written by Yathid, and last updated on 31 Dec 2016, 18:32.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

In the Iadraja language, the letter -я is not used much for noun endings. Most of the time if a noun could end in a -я then most to all Iadrajans will replace the -я with something likewise being -а, -ас, -яс but the noun will never end just with -я. However, this rule is broken when forming of a Gerund or with other weird nouns that just happened to end with -я.

Жамѐць = to read // Жамѐтмя = the reading

As you can see, the Gerund ends in -я. Here are the different endings for nouns ending in -я. This will work for both Gerund and normal nouns ending in -я. The left endings are the singular, and the right endings are the plural.

Nominative Case: -я/-ӥ

Accusative Case: -я/-ӥ

Genitive Case: -ё/-ёи

Dative Case: -ӥ/-ӥх

Instrumental Case: -ям/-ями

Instrumental-Comitative Case: -яс/-яси

Prepositional Case: -яѐ/-яях

Here's the word: Жамѐтмя = the/a reading being used in different cases.

N: Жамѐтмя / Жамѐтмӥ
A: Жамѐтмя / Жамѐтмӥ
G: Жамѐтмё / Жамѐтмёи
D: Жамѐтмӥ / Жамѐтмӥх
Istru: Жамѐтмям / Жамѐтмями
Istru-C: Жамѐтмяс / Жамѐтмяси
Prep: Жамѐтмяѐ / Жамѐтмяях
Something to note is that the grammatical gender of a gerund is quiet messed up. In the singular, it is masculine and when it is plural it is consider neuter. It is important because when adjectives modify the noun they're describing, the grammatical gender agreement between the noun and the adjective will change based on whether or not the noun is singular or plural. Examples:

Дожей жамѐтмя = The long reading
Дожее жамѐтмӥ = The long readings

Note that while жамѐтмӥ is plural, it considered neuter singular by the adjective agreement in this case.
And that's it, all the different endings for a Gerund and weird nouns ending in -я.
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