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Using Grammatical Cases
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The different uses and all that.
This public article was written by Yathid, and last updated on 31 Dec 2016, 16:55.

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Iadraja heavy uses grammatical cases to express how a noun is being used in a sentence. While each case has it's main use, they all have other uses then stated.

Nominative Case: The basic, dictionary form of a word. There's no other use of it.

Accusative Case: The object of the sentence. There is 2 ways it's used.
1: The object of the sentence
2: Using the "I have..." sentence structure, the subject is put into the Accusative Case.
Example: Уст мѐ узхад мвак. = I have time (literally: By/At me there (is) time)
3: Used in the construction to express one's age.
Example: Уст-мѐ драдцем ада года. = I am 31 years old. (literally: At me (are) 31 years)

Genitive Case: Show ownership. The Genitive Case gets used in 3 different ways.
1: Expressing ownership. Example: Гуспра маждашкаба = The animal's food (note: the owner goes after the owned object.)
2: When expressing time. Example: Мвака 5:00 = It is 5:00 (literally: Time is 5:00)

Instrument Case: Using an object/thing as a means. There are 3 different ways it is used.
1: Expressing usership. Exampe : Челок пражуд певабрем чшвѐсаць. = The person uses the pencil to write.
2: When describing a thing/object as another thing/object. Example: Малан халоким. = The boy is a man.( what thing/object that come after the described object/thing is put into the instrument case.)(This is an optional way of expressing this)
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