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This public article was written by Cirton Historian, and last updated on 13 Sep 2020, 13:11.

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10. Lesson 2d
11. Lesson 2e
12. Lesson 2f
13. Lesson 3a
14. Lesson 3b
15. Lesson 3c
16. Lesson 3d
17. Lesson 3d
18. Lesson 3e
19. Lesson x
20. Lesson x2
21. Lesson x3
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The Cirtunese Guide - cimqmh-tomN ta1e9mqmr

Portal for  Cirtunese.
Here you should be able to find all things Cirtunese that I've made public so far.
...updated weekly

Original Literature

=> The Cirtunese Will
=> The Cirtunese People - Overview

Basic Lessons

Lesson 0: Introduction and Overview
Lesson 1a: Basic Ideas and Verbs
Lesson 1b: More Consonants, and Verbs
Lesson 1c: Altering Consonants - The Basics
Lesson 1d: Altered Vowels and Adjectives
Lesson 1e: Vocabulary - Rules for Names of Objects

Intermediate Lessons

Lesson 2a: Advanced Nouns and Inverted Nouns
Lesson 2b: Simple Consonants - End
Lesson 2c: Advanced Consonants - End
Lesson 2d: Diphthongs, Accents and Tone
Lesson 2e: Basic Sentences and Word Order
Lesson 2f: Revision and Word Formation

Lesson 3a: Vowel Alteration: Potentiality
Lesson 3b: Cirtunese Phonotactics
Lesson 3c: Grammatical Cases Related to the Concept of Space
Lesson 3d: Double /a/ Sound Shift

Extra Lessons

Vocabulary: The Great Cirtunese Dictionary
Extra Lesson 1: Cirtunese Spelling on Computers
Extra Lesson 2: Stylistic Seals
Extra Lesson 3: Romanisation - Cikhton Keo


=>I speak my own language!
=>Parenting 101
=>UDHR Article 1
=>A Desire
=>Turning Misfortune into Great Fortune
=>In the Middle of Nowhere
=>A Changed Man
=>No Company
=>A E I O U
=>A New Diet
=>It's all good
=>I used to like to read books
=>You are two years old!
=>The Numbers, 1-10
=>Where am I?
=>Are you home?
=>I see you
=>New Home
=>Word Order Test
=>I don't see the tree

Normal Images

Basic Vowels 1
Basic Vowels 2


What form of power is this...!?
It's over nine thousand!!!


 Cirton Union

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