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Noun classifiers and demonstratives
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Menu 1. Possessive classifiers 2. Demostrative
[edit] [top]Possessive classifiers

Possession of nouns is marked with a classifier that codes person and number with almost the same suffixes of the relational nouns above.


2° formal-s-s-a-s-i
2° informal-t-t-a-t-i

These are also used in combination with a relational noun as posessive pronouns. In this construction third person is marked by frontness. Some of this classifiers have an special third person form with a velar and/or nasal consonant.

Sa: animates
di(n): cattle
zhle: older kinship
zhe: younger kinship
do(k): servant
mla: round/mass
ta(ŋ): long
bu(g): poultry, birds
ŧe: younger people.
ŧuu(ŋ): food
mo(g): organ (internal part of the body)
da(ŋ): aperture
đla: building
ki: place
ka(m): book, paper
am: upper body clothes
·dune: limb
man: flat object
u: action denominalization


2° formalsassasasasi
2° informalsatsatasati


2° formalbusbusabusi
2° informalbutbutabuti

·Zázotpad sal nùnlokup ŧuuŋ gaasta.
My dogs are eating their meat.

Sal baz ·ŧuuŋ iz gaasta.
Mine* are eating theirs°.
* Animate ° Food

Ápun źlel ·zázotpad sas nunlokup ŧuuŋ peztà.
My brother's dogs' meat is rotten.

[edit] [top]Demostrative

The demostrative is formed with the same root, but it looses person and number marking. They also can receive the proximal and distal preffixes, ba- and s-. Nouns with a demostrative must be definite.

·Zázotpad sa nùnlokup smla gaasta.
These dogs are eating this meat.

Saŋmasam plúźmup bamla kaanistaa.
The bats are flying inside that cave

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